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FREE TRAINING: 5 Steps to a Fab Functional Wardrobe that Fits YOU


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Using elements of the Wardrobe Shrink Image Profiling system...

The phenomenon of color, how you structure your wardrobe and how it mirrors your form and personality all contribute to expressing yourself more authentically. We will cover these steps in the trainings:


The theory and dynamics of color and how to use your color signature to make an impact or create visibility


Learn how an organized capsule wardrobe can activate your image and make it simple and easy to find an outfit 


How your design and form is vital in telling your story and conveying your image effectively


Personalize your wardrobe with your 3 core character traits so you feel fab and others recognize YOU 


Fads v Fashion v Image Typing - how to be in-focus and not stuck by seasonal changes, what's only in stores, or what your friends are wearing

Hi, I'm Sarah Engen...

...also known as, the Wardrobe Shrink! I'm a Brit-American Image Coach and Profiler. I have been helping women for over 20 years see themselves in their true light, so they can look fab, carry themselves with confidence and align with their authentic image.

My ethos: "One of the most important results you can bring into the world is the you that you really want to be" - Robert Fritz.

"a wardrobe shrink, and a fine one too..." The Times (London)

What's the value?

Defining your image changes how others perceive you. They see you as capable, trustworthy, or unique, or even finally take you seriously!

Seeing yourself in your true light gives you the confidence to take risks and follow your purpose. "Here I am"!

Having a wardrobe full of clothes you love and that reflect you perfectly makes you feel and look fabulous. A 10 rather than a 5!

Here's what's included...

5 free Facebook LIVE trainings starting Tuesday October 8th, 2019

The Style and Shape E-BOOK on Day 3! 

What's it going to cost? 

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"I want to thank you again. It's amazing what a strong psychological boost it has given me!" Victoria Love, Lawyer

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